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Action Alert — January 11, 2017

The Advocacy Committee has lots of exciting updates and reminders.
  1. Ways to Stay Involved with ALL that is going on in DC this week
With all of the rushed confirmation hearings and goings-on in DC this month, it can be hard to keep track of what is going on and when to make your voice heard the loudest. Here are some links and suggestions so we all can keep fighting the good fight!
There is now an app called COUNTABLE that will look up your elected officials using your zip code, and allow you to send messages to them INSTANTLY. It also allows you to track bills in Congress. Here is an article from Wired on it: You can use it to make your elected officials hear from you early & often!

What else can you do?  CALL your elected reps and tell them how you feel about a certain nominee or bill.  Don’t want to spend time looking up the phone numbers of your elected officials? No problem. Put your address in at this non-profit’s page and it gives the contact info to you immediately without you providing an email or even a name:
Other resources to find out what’s going on in DC:
  1. SAVE THE DATE:  Information about National Day of Action 2017 in DC
If all this talk about immigration after the election has gotten you fired up, we would love it if you joined us this year in DC for the National Day of Action!
AILA’s 2017 National Day of Action has been set for Thursday, April 6, 2017, and registration is now open in Agora.  You can register very easily here:  []
With the new administration getting ready to take over, immigration is sure to be one of the hot topics on Capitol Hill this spring.  Let’s make sure the facts don’t get lost in all the political noise.  This is where we need YOU!  Please join us on Thursday, April 6th, as hundreds of AILA members from around the country will descend on Washington D.C. to educate Congress on immigration for National Day of Action.  Last year our Chapter sent 19 people and participated in 17 congressional visits.  We are hoping to match that this year!  If you have never been before, consider taking part in this unforgettable experience.
Armed with lobbying training from AILA National staff and your clients’ stories you will educate and influence Members of Congress and their staff to move away from the rhetoric and push immigration reform forward this year. 
Registration is now open and it is best to get signed up as soon as possible! 
Please email the Chicago Chapter Advocacy Committee chairs, Katie ( and Kelli ( once you have registered with AILA National or if you have any questions.
Chicago Chapter Advocacy Committee