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Action Alert — February 1, 2017

Happy Advocacy Wednesday!

It’s that time of the week again….time to get engaged with some advocacy issues! 

·         At the click of a button, you can contact your legislators and ask them to denounce the President’s Executive Order.  Action Items can be found via AILA’s Advocacy Action Center, which  include:



·         Participate in #AILAStandswithImmigrants Social Media Campaign:

·         AILA Stands with Immigrants Campaign


Additionally, AILA National is collecting stories about implementation of the executive order, please tell your story.

For more resources on last week’s executive orders, please visit Immigration 2017: A New President and Congress page. It has links to press statements, talking points, and summaries of all of the executive orders.

We also wanted to share some tweets about the power of contacting your legislators!

At this moment with so many confirmation votes lined up, calling your member of  Congress (MOC) DC or local office will be the most effective way to get an immediate response.  (They can’t ignore calls and voicemails, as easily as emails.)

·         Visit to find your legislators DC and local office phone numbers. (Or check the attached excel sheet for DC Office numbers)

·         When calling remember to 1. State your name and that you’re a constituent, 2. Make your ask (what do you want the legislator to do), and 3. Explain the impact it has on your clients and community.

For calls volume is important, so I would encourage you to call your Member of Congress and ask you friends and families to do the same! 




Thanks for all of your efforts with these many advocacy issues

Chicago Chapter Advocacy Committee