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Action Alert — February 3, 2017

Happy Friday!

In case you haven’t had enough advocacy action alerts for this week, we have one more big ASK of you this week regarding the upcoming confirmation vote for Senator Jeff Sessions as Attorney General.  

AILA issued a statement today regarding the nomination of Sen. Sessions for Attorney General, which we have shared with Congressional staff in both the Senate and House.

Please take a minute to Take Action and urge your members of Congress to consider Sen. Sessions’ immigration record as they consider their vote on his nominations.  It is likely that his confirmation vote will take place next week in the Senate. 

We have included links below to AILA’s statement, action item, and talking points!

AILA Statement on the Nomination of Senator Jeff Sessions for Attorney General

Posted 2/3/2017

AILA submitted a statement to the United States Senate on the nomination of Senator Jeff Sessions (R-AL) of Attorney General, stating that “AILA is deeply troubled by the likely confirmation of Senator Jeff Sessions for Attorney General.”

AILA Doc. No. 17020238′


Take Action: Senator Sessions’ Upcoming Attorney General Confirmation Vote

AILA members should urge their members of Congress to consider the following, as they consider their vote on Senator Sessions’ nomination:

  • Even before his confirmation, Sen. Sessions’ influence and views on excluding people of Muslim faith from our country have been realized.
  • Sen. Sessions’ statements and record make clear that he lacks the ability or desire to fully enforce civil rights laws protecting the rights of immigrants and other non-citizens.
  • Sen. Sessions remains opposed to the 14th Amendment’s guarantee of birthright citizenship.
  • Sen. Sessions continues to believe that indiscriminate prosecution and unrestrained removal of unauthorized immigrants is in the country’s best interests.
  • Sen. Sessions’ opposition to immigration extends to the most vulnerable populations.


Talking Points on Attorney General Nominee Sessions’ Confirmation Hearing


AILA members may find these talking points useful if asked by media about the confirmation hearing for Senator Jeff Sessions who has been nominated for Attorney General.

AILA Doc. No. 17011030


Thank you for taking time out of your day to help with this important advocacy work.

Chicago Chapter Advocacy Committee