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Action Alert — April 5, 2017

Happy Advocacy Wednesday!
In case you missed it yesterday, the TRUST Act was introduced in Springfield, IL yesterday.
The TRUST Act language has finally been posted to the Senate Executive Committee.  The new version requires U certification by state law enforcement within 90 days and increases penalties for UPL.  The amendment to the bill is online, and AILA Chicago’s UPL Committee has made a huge contribution to the amended bill working with Senator Cullerton directly and his staff.   This collaboration is a direct result of the AILA Chicago UPL Summit held last October.  
Senator Cullerton is the sponsor of this bill , and a hearing is being held today in Springfield at 1:30pm. AILA Chicago member, Beth Hoffman, is testifying on behalf of AILA Chicago.  GO BETH!!  Her testimony is attached.
In case you are wondering how you can support this bill, we have an answer!  You can file a witness slip supporting TRUST at this link: But you must act FAST! 
·  Please complete part I to identify yourself. 
·  If you are stating your support on behalf of an organization, please provide the organization’s information in part II. 
·  In part III, select SFA2 from the “description” pull-down menu, and click the “proponent” button. 
·  In part IV, click “record of appearance only” UNLESS you are also providing a written statement or testifying at the hearing. 
·  Finally, please type in the captcha text in the box and click on the box marked “I Agree to the ILGA Terms of Agreement” and then click “Create(Slip)”.  You should get a screen confirming your witness slip and also an email confirming the slip.
Please forward this link and set of instructions broadly.  We could use all the support we can get! 

You should be able to listen to the hearing live on this page:  Click on the live feed for Capitol room 212.
Thanks for all of your continued support on these important advocacy issues.
Chicago Chapter Advocacy Committee