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Action Alert — May 3, 2017

Happy Advocacy Wednesday!

So there is some good news coming out of Springfield this AM.  The IL TRUST Act should be coming back before the Senate Executive Committee this afternoon, with a likely floor vote Thursday or Friday.  We need your help to get the Senators to vote in favor of the bill.  We ask that you help out by making a quick call to your State Senator’s office and urge him/her to support the Illinois TRUST Act (SB 31) when it comes to the floor this week.

In case you are wondering who your State Senator is, here is a quick link to find out:

We are attaching one-page and two-page versions of the fact sheets on the bill.  But here are some of the basics:

Two Page Version
One Page Version

Illinois TRUST Act (SB 31-J. Cullerton / HB 3099-Hernandez)

The Illinois TRUST Act sets reasonable, constitutional limits on local police interaction with ICE enforcement, and fosters trust between local police and immigrant communities.

Major provisions

·         No deputizing of local police to serve as immigration agents: Bars law enforcement agencies in Illinois from engaging in immigration enforcement unless the federal immigration agents present a warrant issued by a judge

·         Law enforcement certifications for immigrant crime victims: Creates deadlines and standards for law enforcement agencies to complete certifications requested by immigrant victims of certain crimes who cooperate with law enforcement. Certifications are one of the many requirements for immigrant crime victims to apply for certain visas.

·         No discriminatory registry programs: Bars local participation in federal registry programs based on national origin or religion, such as a potential Muslim registry.

·         SB 31 also includes the Immigration Safe Zones Act (HB 426), which bars federal immigration agents from making arrests in state-funded schools, health institutions, Secretary of State facilities, or courthouses unless presenting a court-issued warrant.

Other provisions

·         Bars the use of private prisons to house immigration detainees.

·         Forbids use of immigration-related threats or verbal abuse by law enforcement agents.

·         Gives equal access to educational and rehabilitation programs in jails and prisons to inmates with immigration warrants and detainers.

·         Clarifies that probation officers and judges are not authorized to ask about immigration status

·         Allows certain individuals (including immigrants) to reopen prior criminal cases based on inadequate counsel, and thus avoid deportation.

·         Better enables individuals to sue fraudulent immigration practitioners.

·         Establishes a compliance board to train law enforcement agencies regarding this law and identify and research further issues regarding the impact of immigration enforcement.

NOTE:  Nothing in this legislation stops ICE from operating in Illinois.  Nothing in this bill stops local police from working with ICE if ICE goes to court to get a warrant.

Once this bill gets through the IL Senate, then it is on to the House…..let’s keep the pressure on!  Please feel free to pass this on.  The more support we can get for this bill, the better!

Thanks so much for your support on this important advocacy issue.

Chicago Chapter Advocacy Committee