American Immigration Lawyers Association
Chicago Chapter

Action Alert — May 18, 2017

Breaking News out of DC!

Today, the House Judiciary Committee will consider a package of bills that are cruel, costly and ineffective “enforcement-only” immigration strategy. The three bills up for debate will:

  • Create a massive, militarized federal deportation force that will target thousands more people with longstanding ties to the United States;
  • Force local law enforcement to use their finite local resources to enforce federal immigration law;
  • Waste taxpayers’ money on more agents and detention beds to deport and detain more people, including families and DREAMers; and
  • Deprive asylum seekers and refugees of humanitarian protections.

These bills don’t offer any solutions to improve our immigration system.  Instead they undermine due process and public safety, harm Americans and their families, and waste millions in taxpayers’ dollars. AILA opposes these bills, and encourages you to contact House Judiciary members TODAY.

Thank you for your support!

Chicago Chapter Advocacy Committee