American Immigration Lawyers Association
Chicago Chapter

National Committee Members of the Chicago Chapter

Name Email Committee
Maria Baldini-Potermin Federal Court Litigation Section Steering Committee: Chair ICE Liaison Committee
Pawel Boruch Online Resources Task Force
Melissa Chavin Ethics Committee
Theresa Corcoran National Distance Learning Committee
Lindsay A. Curcio Annual Conference Planning Publications Committee
Julie T. Emerick SCOPS
AAO Liaison
Ashley Huebner EOIR Liaison Committee
Kyle Knapp TSC Liaison Committee
Eric D. Ledbetter CSC Liaison
Beata Leja Texas Service Center Committee
Eileen Momblanco Worksite Enforcement
Christina Murdoch National Amicus Committee
Ian D. Wagreich DOL Liaison Committee
Kathryn Weber EOIR Liaison Committee
Bob White DOL Liaison Committee
Kevin Dixler USCIS Field Operations Liaison Committee